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Shooting in Mexico or Texas? Hecho a Mano Productions has
offices in Austin, Texas and San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
We offer a full array of production services ranging from turnkey programming to preproduction, directing, shooting,
bilingual crews, and non-linear editing.
Our specialty is documentary production in hard-to-get-to places throughout Mexico and Texas—
we’ve gotten lost only a couple of times.

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sony camera


SONY DXC-D35WS with a BetacamSP record deck. This digital camera is equiped with a broadcast
15:1 Fujinon lens and is switchable to the 16:9 widescreen format. In addition, the package includes
a “zoom thru” wide angle adapter, lightweight and portable support, playback adapter,
8” SONY field monitor, tool kit, lots of batteries and a nifty lens cap.


The audio package includes SONY wireless and wired mics, along with a SENNHEISER shotgun microphone,
fishpole and tons of weird connectors.


LOWEL VIP-95 and RIFA kits along with dimmers, extension cords, and gels for those “creative moments”.


Jeep Cherokee in Texas and Chevy Suburban in Mexico.