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Tequila: From a Sea of Blue Agave

Vanilla: Aroma of Love

Los Judas: the Burning Devils

Border Crossings:
a Big Bend Experience

Lucha Luchadora
tequila: From a sea of blue agave
shawl detail

A thirty-minute documentary produced as a pilot for the series of the same name on Mexican folk art. It focuses onŠ the stone workers of San Luis Potosi; both the quarry workers and the self-taught sculptors of the region. It also highlights the making of a pair of giant paper mache figures called Judas' and a famous local school for weavers. Broadcast on PBS in the US and OnceTV in Mexico, it was produced in association with KERA in Dallas. Available in English and Spanish.

Completed 2000: Texas and San Luis Potosi

boy and stone sculptures weaver at loom
lion stone statue